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Indianapolis Felony Defense Attorney

Unlike misdemeanor offenses that can result in up to one year in jail but that can often be resolved with lighter sentencing, felony offenses in Indianapolis often involve lengthy prison sentences and advisory sentences that call for years behind bars. If you are charged with a felony in Indianapolis, you need an aggressive defense and a team that won’t back down against the prosecution.

An experienced Indianapolis criminal defense lawyer at The Criminal Defense Team of Baldwin Perry & Wiley PC can discuss your case and answer your questions during a confidential consultation.

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Why Do I Need an Indianapolis Felony Lawyer?

Facing felony charges can be confusing and terrifying. Your life hangs in the balance. A criminal conviction could have rippling effects on your life for years to come. An experienced attorney can help with your case by:

  • Investigating the case – The prosecution may claim that it has strong evidence against you, but an experienced attorney can carefully review this evidence to find issues such as lack of credibility, contradictory statements, or illegally obtained evidence that can be suppressed. 
  • Advising you of your rights – To make an informed decision about your case, you need to understand the nature of the charges against you, the potential penalties, any defenses you can raise, and the likelihood of a successful outcome at trial. 
  • Developing a customized legal strategy – Four of the criminal defense attorneys at The Criminal Defense Team are Board-Certified Criminal Trial Specialists. Our team has more than 100+ years of combined experience. You can expect us to craft an aggressive defense strategy based on the specifics of your case. 
  • Protecting your rights – Our team will protect you against making any statements that could incriminate you or having illegal searches conducted against you.

The Criminal Defense Team regularly defends clients against felony charges. Our team of former prosecutors also knows how the other side operates – and how to beat them. Call us today for your confidential case review. 

Felony Cases the Criminal Defense Team Handles

Our Indianapolis felony defense attorneys are equipped to handle any felony offense, including the following:

  • Arson – Arson is knowingly or intentionally damaging property with the intent to defraud through the use of fire, explosive, or destructive device. 
  • Battery – Battery is knowingly or intentionally touching or placing any bodily fluid or waste on another person in a rude, insolent, or angry manner. This crime can be charged as a felony when it results in serious bodily injury, you use a deadly weapon during its commission, it causes bodily injury to a public safety official, or if the alleged victim is pregnant, 13 or younger, a previous victim you committed the crime against, is disabled, or is an endangered adult.
  • Burglary – Burglary involves knowingly or intentionally breaking into a dwelling, structure, or conveyance someone else owns with the intent to commit a theft or felony therein.  
  • Drug crimes – Drug crimes involving trafficking, distribution, or the possession of a large quantity of controlled substances can result in serious felony charges lodged against you.
  • Felony intimidation – Felony intimidation charges can arise when a person makes a threat of a forcible felony under certain circumstances or when the alleged victim falls under certain categories. 
  • Gun Charges – The Criminal Defense Team can provide legal representation in felony gun charge cases, including possessing certain types of firearms or weapons and sentence enhancements due to the presence of guns during other crimes.
  • Homicide & Manslaughter – Homicide is the killing of another person, while manslaughter is a killing that occurs under the sudden heat of passion. 
  • Murder – Murder is charged when you deliberately and with premeditation kill another person or fetus in any stage of development or kill another person while committing certain felonies or drug crimes enumerated under the law.
  • Robbery – Robbery is knowingly or intentionally taking someone else’s property by the use or threatened use of force or putting another person in fear. 
  • Sex crimes – Rape, sexual assault, child pornography, and other sex offenses have the potential to cost you your freedom and your reputation.  
  • White collar crimes – Embezzlement, bribery, and fraud are often charged as felony offenses. 

Potential Penalties for Felony Offenses

Felony offenses in Indiana can result in severe penalties, ranging from one year in prison to 65 years. In the case of murder, a sentence of life imprisonment without the possibility of parole or death can be ordered. Potential penalties can vary based on the specific offense, circumstances surrounding the offense, the presence of any aggravating factors, and the defendant’s criminal history. 

Possible ranges of penalties include:

  • Level 6 felony – Level 6 felonies are the least severe form of felonies. They can result in between 1 and 2.5 years imprisonment. Drug possession, theft, aggravated DUI, and sexual battery can be charged as Level 6 felonies.
  • Level 5 felony – These felonies carry a potential sentence of 1 to 6 years imprisonment. Involuntary manslaughter, sexual misconduct with a minor, and dealing in cocaine are Level 5 felonies.
  • Level 4 felony – Level 4 felonies can result in imprisonment between 2 and 12 years. Arson is a Level 4 felony.
  • Level 3 felony – Defendants face 3 to 16 years imprisonment when sentenced to a Level 3 felony. Aggravated battery, robbery, and fraud are Level 3 felonies.  
  • Level 2 felony – Level 2 felonies can result in prison sentences of 10 to 30 years. Possession of child pornography, first-degree burglary with a firearm, and voluntary manslaughter are Level 2 felonies in Indiana.
  • Level 1 felony – These felonies can result in sentences of 20 to 40 years in prison. Rape by deadly violence or with the use of a weapon is considered a Level 1 felony in Indiana. 
  • Unclassified felony – The most severe forms of felony offenses in Indiana are unclassified felonies. This includes murder. These offenses can be sentenced to 45 to 65 years or life without the possibility of parole or death, depending on the circumstances. 

Additionally, defendants can face hefty fines and other collateral consequences, such as a criminal record that follows them around for the rest of their lives, the loss of civil liberties, and immigration consequences. 

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