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We've taken the liberty of assembling your team.

Our Team

There’s a good chance you’re outnumbered and possibly surrounded by people who want to take you down. Your reputation, financial future and even your freedom could be on the line. This is the time you want the best people on your side. People who will sit with you, keep you informed and customize a team that works best for your defense. We’re experts in creating innovative defense strategies, and we like to fight. We’re not just in your corner, we’re in the ring—fighting for you all the way.

5 of the 6 Board-Certified* criminal lawyers in the state of Indiana are members of The Criminal Defense Team. Rest assured that we will dig deep into every detail of your case to build the best possible defense strategy.

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Our team of lawyers is uniquely qualified to protect your freedom and interests. We believe in taking swift, aggressive action to out-maneuver the prosecution and build a strong defense. We’ve done it for thousands of clients and we can do it for you.

We defend clients in Hamilton County, Marion County, Johnson County, Hancock County, Shelby County, Boone County, Hendricks County and counties throughout Indiana. We can help you as well.

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