Kelly N. Pyle

Partner Board-Certified* Criminal Trial Specialist
Indiana criminal defense lawyer- Kelly Pyle

Once you face down death, nothing seems too difficult.

Shortly after passing the bar, I was diagnosed with a rare genetic disease that required a liver transplant. I refused to succumb to the disease. Instead, I began practicing law as a solo criminal defense trial attorney in Indianapolis. Starting out as an intern for the Criminal Defense Team, I developed a passion for criminal defense. I loved their zeal for their clients, how they single-mindedly dissected each case and gave all that they could to defend their clients. Their dedication was infectious, and I set out to bring the same excitement to my own cases.

While zealously advocating for my clients, I also endured an eight-year battle waiting for my liver transplant. I broke several bones, endured extended stays in hospitals for internal bleeding and infections, and underwent numerous surgical procedures. However, I never gave up. I pushed through it all winning jury trials and working day and night for my clients.

Finally, in a groundbreaking surgery, I received a living donor liver from my cousin. Instantaneously, I went from a dead woman walking to rejoining the living. After a mere week of hospitalization, I was released from the hospital and started living without constraints.

That was when The Criminal Defense Team came back into my life. Upon fully recovering, I knew I wanted to get back to defending those accused of crimes. When an opportunity arose to go back to my roots and work for the Criminal Defense team, I jumped at it. After eight years of observing other attorneys, I knew that there was no one I would rather work with than The Team.

I have been tried and tested, never giving up, and I have become stronger for it. I know what it feels like when it seems everything is against you, and you don’t see any hope. I will bring that same fight, that same tenacity that allowed me to get through my struggle, to your struggle.

Accolades & Experience


  • IU McKinney School of Law – J.D. 2011
    • President, Christian Legal Society
    • Member, 2nd Amendment Society
    • Criminal Defense Clinic
  • Taylor University - B.A. Political Science – 2008

Professional Organizations and Bar Associations

  • Indiana State Bar Association
  • Indianapolis Bar Association
  • Admitted to practice in
    • Indiana

Experience and Training

  • Kinkade Law, LLC – Solo Attorney – Indianapolis, Indiana 2013-2020
  • Marion County Superior Courts – Judge Pro Tempore – Indianapolis, Indiana 2013-2020
  • Criminal Defense Team – Undergraduate Legal Intern – Franklin, Indiana 2009-2011

Personal Interests

  • Reading
  • Golf
  • Hockey
  • Marksmanship