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If you were involved in a hit and run accident that was caused by your drinking, you could be facing serious criminal charges. Penalties are even more severe if someone died or was injured in the accident. The Criminal Defense Team can provide compassionate counsel and aggressive advocacy. Let our DUI defense lawyers in Indianapolis leverage our considerable knowledge, experience, and resources to defend you. 

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What Is Hit And Run In Indiana?

After a motor vehicle accident,  IC §9-26-1-1.1 requires those involved in an accident to do the following:

  • Stop at the scene of the accident or as near to it as is safe
  • Remain at the accident scene and provide the other driver with their name, address, and registration number
  • Display their driver’s license to the other driver
  • Provide reasonable assistance to anyone who was injured
  • Report the accident to the police or call 911

If the vehicle that was hit was unattended, the driver must take reasonable steps to notify the owner. If they can’t be located, the driver must contact the appropriate law enforcement agency to report the information described above. 

A hit and run occurs when someone leaves the accident without fulfilling these duties.

Criminal Charges For Hit And Run In Indianapolis?

Leaving the scene of an accident is generally charged as a Class B misdemeanor. There are factors that can elevate the level of charges. If the hit and run caused a serious bodily injury, it can be charged as a Level 6 felony. 

If the accident resulted in a catastrophic injury or a victim’s death, the charge can increase to a Level 4 felony. If it is found that the accident was caused because the driver was intoxicated and it resulted in a catastrophic injury or death, the charge can be increased to a Level 3 felony. A separate charge can be filed for each person who was injured or killed in the accident. In the event someone passed due to your accident, don’t hesitate to contact our DUI vehicular homicide attorney in Indianapolis today.

Potential Penalties For Hit And Run In Indiana

The potential penalties for hit and run depend on how the crime is charged, as follows:

  • Class B misdemeanor – Up to 180 days in jail and a fine up to $1,000
  • Class A misdemeanor – Up to 365 days in jail and a fine up to $5,000
  • Level 6 felony – Up to two and a half years in prison and a fine up to $10,000
  • Level 5 felony – One to six years in prison and a fine up to $10,000
  • Level 4 felony – Two to twelve years in prison and a fine up to $10,000

An experienced Indianapolis DUI hit and run lawyer will work tirelessly to protect you from these punishments. 

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