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There’s a good chance you’re outnumbered and possibly surrounded by people who want to take you down. Your reputation, financial future and even your freedom could be on the line. This is the time you want the best people on your side. People who will sit with you, keep you informed and customize a team that works best for your defense. We have expertise in creating innovative defense strategies, and we like to fight. We’re not just in your corner, we’re in the ring—fighting for you all the way.

4 of the 5 Board-Certified* Criminal Trial Specialists in the state of Indiana are members of The Criminal Defense Team. Rest assured that we will dig deep into every detail of your case to build the best possible defense strategy.

A Collaborative Team of Aggressive Criminal Defense Lawyers and Board-Certified* Criminal Trial Specialists

Criminal Cases We Handle

There are hundreds of different crimes in Indiana and, despite what some may think, you could end up charged with one of them at any time. Don’t panic, because the good news is we’ve handled nearly all of them. From misdemeanors – to murder. We believe everyone is entitled to a vigorous and aggressive defense. Below, you’ll find a list of the kinds of cases we deal with on a regular basis. If the crime you’re accused of is not listed here, don’t worry. We can still represent you, so don’t hesitate to call just because you don’t see it listed.

When you are charged with a crime, it can seem overwhelming, but we have handled hundreds of cases between us. We use that knowledge, experience and ability to create effective criminal defenses for you. This is because we believe everyone charged with a crime deserves a rigorous defense.

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Indiana Criminal Defense Attorney - Kathie A. Perry
Board-Certification* is an elite title reserved for those lawyers who have expertise and dedication in one area of law as well as extensive trial experience.
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