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Indianapolis Drug Dealing Attorney

Drug dealing is a very serious crime in Indiana. The state’s drug laws are some of the strictest in the country. If you have been arrested or charged with drug dealing, you need to speak with a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. The sooner you retain legal counsel, the better your chances are of avoiding a conviction and getting your life back on track.

Why Hire Our Drug Dealing Lawyers in Indianapolis?

The Criminal Defense Team of Baldwin Perry & Wiley PC has successfully defended clients across Indiana for years. Our firm is dedicated to protecting our clients’ rights and giving them the aggressive representation they need. When you retain our firm, you will receive the personal attention you deserve from our attorneys and staff. We are ready to work around the clock to help you resolve your case as quickly as possible.

Initial consultations are free, so call our Indianapolis drug dealing criminal defense team at (317) 687-8326 or get in touch with us online today.

What Should I Do if I’m Charged with Dealing Drugs in Indianapolis?

Being charged with dealing drugs can be a frightening and worrisome experience. Your future, job, and reputation are all at risk. If you don’t handle it properly, you might end up with a criminal record and jail time.

However, if you take the right steps and work with a qualified Indianapolis drug dealing attorney, you can improve your odds of winning the case and preserving your future.

Below, we will explore what you should do if you are charged with dealing drugs in Indianapolis, and how you can best defend yourself:

Don’t Admit Anything – If you are charged with dealing drugs, do not admit guilt even if you think it is obvious. Do not talk to the authorities or allow them to harass you into confessing your guilt. This is a critical mistake that could end up hurting your case. Instead, remain respectful, and ask to speak with your lawyer. Your drug crimes lawyer in Indianapolis will be able to guide you through the legal process and help you avoid admitting guilt or saying anything that could incriminate you.

Hire the Right Lawyer – When it comes to drug charges, having the right lawyer on your side can make a huge difference. Look for a drug dealing lawyer in Indianapolis who has expertise and experience with drug-related cases. They should be confident in their abilities, and they should have a track record of winning cases. Your lawyer will work hard to gather evidence, build a solid case, and protect your rights. They will also negotiate with the prosecutor to seek a fair plea deal.

Understand Your Charges – The charges brought against you will depend on many factors, including the type and quantity of drugs involved, your criminal record, your intentions, and your location. Understanding the charges is vital if you want to defend yourself effectively. A good lawyer will help you understand the charges better and develop a defense strategy. They will also educate you about the potential consequences, such as jail time and fines, so you can make informed decisions.

Collect Evidence – Evidence is essential in any legal trial. If you are charged with dealing drugs, your lawyer will need to gather evidence to support your defense. Gather evidence such as emails, text messages, or receipts to prove your innocence. Witnesses who can testify on your behalf can also be helpful, so try to find individuals who can vouch for your character or provide an alibi for the time of the alleged drug activity.

Stay Out of Trouble – While awaiting your case hearing, you shouldn’t get in any trouble with the law. Stay away from drugs and any criminal activities that could make your situation worse. The last thing you want while awaiting trial is another drug charge or criminal conviction.

Being charged with dealing drugs is a serious offense that can have long-lasting ramifications. Following the steps outlined above can help you build a strong defense and increase your chances of obtaining a favorable outcome. In the event you have been charged for trafficking drugs into the country, reach out to our drug trafficking lawyer in Indianapolis.

Remember: do not admit to anything, hire the right lawyer, understand your charges, collect evidence, and stay out of trouble. With a knowledgeable lawyer by your side and a commitment to fighting for your rights, you can beat the charges and secure your future.

What Are the Penalties for Drug Dealing in Indiana?

Drug dealing penalties depend on the drugs involved and the amount someone allegedly sells.

For example, dealing marijuana is generally a Class A misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in prison and a fine of up to $5,000.

Dealing cocaine, on the other hand, is a Level 2 felony that carries a mandatory minimum sentence of three years in prison and a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison.

Other drugs, such as heroin and methamphetamine, are subject to harsher penalties.

Defenses We Can Use in Your Drug Dealing Case

  • We can argue that you had a lack of knowledge or intent. This means you either weren’t aware of the drugs or you did not intend to distribute them.
  • Another defense we employ is challenging how the evidence was obtained. We can scrutinize your case and look for any Fourth Amendment rights violations.
  • We could argue that the drugs found were for personal use only, not for distribution. This defense could lower the offense to a possession charge, which has far less severe penalties.

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