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Have you been charged with a white collar crime, or believe you are under investigation for one? If so, you need a highly experienced Indiana white collar crime defense lawyer who knows the criminal justice system at both the Indiana state and U.S. federal government levels so that you have the best criminal defense available in Indiana.

A white collar crime conviction can be damaging to your personal and professional reputation and cause embarrassment to your family and friends. The county, state, or federal governments will aggressively pursue an alleged white collar crime for prosecution. Their available resources can easily put those accused of white collar crimes at an extreme disadvantage. Hiring the competent and experienced Indiana white collar crimes defense team at The Criminal Defense Team can increase your chances of a better outcome in your case.

Over the years, we have represented many clients accused of stealing from their employer, defrauding the government or forgery. In one case, a client was facing several felonies for the accusation that she stole money from the insurance company for whom she worked. At trial, we took aim at the flimsy office procedures which could have allowed many people to take the money, including the owners. She was found not guilty. This victory required deposing key office personnel and understanding office protocol.

In cases involving the allegation that a client has defrauded the government, we have had successful outcomes by challenging the intent of the client trying to maneuver through the myriad of confusing paperwork and computer screens that must be filled out. Sometimes we can negotiate a great outcome by making sure the “victim” is made whole. However, if you pay too quickly, you may lose negotiation power with the prosecutor. We know of less experience lawyers making this mistake and it can really harm the client.

The Criminal Defense Team has also successfully prevented forgery charges from being filed against clients as well. Defending forgery allegations may involve gaining an understanding of who had permission to use a credit card or to sign a check. This can be done through depositions or subpoenaing video from banks or stores where checks are cashed, as well as other defense tactics.

As with all criminal allegations, if the prosecutor doesn’t believe your attorney will actually take the case to trial, then your outcome will not be what it should be. It takes years of experience to know how to handle these types of cases effectively, but also a reputation for going to trial. We have the legal expertise to handle all aspects of your defense. Call (317) 687-8326 to speak with our law firm today.

Do You Need an Indiana White Collar Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Being convicted of a white collar crime can change the course of your life forever. For many people charged with this type of crime, it is their first time being in legal trouble. Now, you find yourself in a situation where serving a prison sentence is a real possibility, depending on the nature of the alleged crime.

A prison sentence or even probation can jeopardize your reputation and put your job and home at risk. It can ruin families due to strain and embarrassment. If you have children, imagine not being able to see them for years except behind prison walls.

In some cases, you risk having your assets forfeited, such as your home and other valuable personal belongings. In Indiana, an individual convicted of a felony loses their right to vote while serving their prison sentence.

Better sentencing scenarios for white collar crime convictions include fines, home confinement with electronic monitoring, or supervised release.

The consequences of a conviction will likely follow you even after you have served a prison sentence, completed probation, or served other sentence requirements. You may find it difficult to rent an apartment or home. You can expect to receive an order to pay any necessary restitution, so finding employment after you serve your sentence is important. A white collar criminal conviction can negatively affect your future employment prospects, and in Indiana, employers can order background checks going back seven years.

If you change professions to improve your employment prospects, be aware that several industries require licenses in Indiana. You will be subject to a background check if you wish to practice as a residential appraiser, a pharmacist, or even a dental hygienist.

It can be particularly intimidating if federal agencies, such as the FBI, IRS, Treasury Department, or Securities and Exchange Commission, are investigating your federal felony white collar crime. In fact, the FBI is the most common lead investigative agency for white collar crimes. Depending on the nature and scope of your alleged crime, it’s not unusual for two or more agencies to work together on a federal white collar criminal investigation.

Sometimes professionals commit white collar crimes without realizing that what they are doing is illegal. They may even witness others engaging in the same activity. Perhaps they were following orders or being pressured by a superior in a company.

It’s not enough to just be a good Indiana white collar criminal defense attorney in these cases. The most competent white collar criminal defense attorneys also intimately understand the prosecution’s angles and strategies. At The Criminal Defense Team, we have three former prosecutors available to our white collar criminal clients, in addition to five out of the six Indiana Board Certified Criminal Law Specialists on our team.

You simply have too much to lose to trust your white collar criminal defense to just any Indiana criminal defense attorney. The earlier we understand the facts of your particular case, the better we can prepare for the best possible defense and outcome. Start your Indiana white collar criminal defense now by calling The Criminal Defense Team at (317) 687-8326 to schedule your free consultation.

Types of White Collar Crimes We Defend

Many white collar crimes involve corporate fraud. This includes specific criminal activity, such as:

  • Falsifying corporate financial information
  • Fraudulent or insider trading
  • Illegal financial transactions
  • Bribes and kickbacks
  • Corporate tax infractions
  • Misusing corporate funds

Government servants may find themselves involved in public corruption scandals and schemes.

Other types of white collar crimes include:

  • Identity theft
  • Money laundering
  • Loan or mortgage fraud
  • Piracy
  • Health care fraud
  • Tax Evasion
  • Extortion

Some people charged with Indiana white collar crimes get caught up in investment schemes that are illegal, or they operate the investment operations in a manner that they don’t know is illegal. Examples include pyramid or Ponzi schemes, promissory note fraud, or market manipulation. Sometimes investment brokers embezzle from their investment clients.

The most recent statistics from 2018 show that the most common federal white collar crimes committed in Indiana involved various types of fraud, including mail, bank, and wire fraud. The United States District Court for the Northern District of Indiana ranked 6th (in a tie) for federal white collar criminal convictions per capita.

The Indiana Code governs the different types of white collar crimes, but they are scattered throughout the Code, so hiring an experienced Indiana white collar criminal attorney is important. Additionally, in federal white collar crimes, federal prosecutors have a great deal of latitude when it comes to deciding what and who to prosecute. This can work in your favor, but it could also work against you. Having an experienced legal advocate on your side, like the legal team at The Criminal Defense Team, can put you on a more level playing field.

Steps to Take If You Have Been Charged with a White Collar Crime

In some cases, white collar criminal activity can go unnoticed for several months or more. The professionals accused of or conducting white collar crimes are often highly respected, holding positions of responsibility and authority. Those around them simply don’t suspect that they might be engaging in criminal activity.

That is why a charge or investigation may take you by surprise. Without realizing it, an internal audit may have revealed your actions, or perhaps you were targeted by a whistleblower. You may or may not know of the investigation until you are arrested and charged.

If your case has gone before a grand jury, this means investigators believe you to be guilty of your alleged white collar crime. If you received a grand jury subpoena, it’s important that you contact a qualified Indiana white collar criminal defense attorney before a grand jury hears your case and returns a formal charge against you. The formal charge is called an indictment.

If you hear you are being investigated or someone approached you to tell you they discovered your suspicious activity, contact a white collar criminal defense attorney immediately. You may not believe you have done anything wrong, but an experienced Indiana white collar criminal defense attorney can assess your case with an experienced and knowledgeable eye.

At The Criminal Defense Team, we know what information to gather as part of an effective white collar criminal defense. We may be able to prove that you had no idea your activities were illegal, point to pressure or coercion, cast doubt on your involvement, or even look at other, more significant players who may be instrumental in a plea agreement involving immunity for you.

We can also prepare for a possible conviction by gathering as much favorable information about your life as possible to negotiate a plea and favorable sentencing. Many people accused of Indiana white collar crimes have never been in legal trouble before. Pointing to that, as well as gathering statements from friends, family, co-workers, and any influential individuals in your network, can all work in your favor.

This is the type of work that we can do while you are trying to get on with your regular life with a white collar criminal accusation or charge hanging over your head. We understand how stressful and distracting the situation is, and worrying about it can be detrimental to your physical and mental health and also to your personal life.

The earlier the legal team at The Criminal Defense Team has the same information that law enforcement or the investigative agencies have, the better we can prepare you and ourselves for the best defense possible in your case. In the event you are arrested, do not give any statements to the police or investigative agencies. Instead, assert your right to speak to an attorney, then give our office a call at (317) 687-8326.

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You are likely losing sleep due to stress and worry about being investigated or charged with a white collar crime in Indiana. That’s to be expected, but before your job or your family life suffers, take the first step toward preparing the best defense possible. Gain some peace of mind that you are doing everything you can by calling The Criminal Defense Team.

At The Criminal Defense Team, our experienced team of board-certified white collar criminal defense attorneys and former prosecutors has seen many types of white collar criminal accusations and defended against an array of charges. Let us help you. Call us today at (317) 687-8326.


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