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Indiana Drug Manufacturing Lawyer

“Breaking Bad” was a fun series to watch. Being Walter White in real life is no fun – especially if you get caught. There is drug possession. Serious. There is drug dealing. More serious. Then there is drug manufacturing. As serious; punished like drug dealing. Manufacturing is a big deal, and it doesn’t just apply to “cooking up” methamphetamine. The potential punishment for manufacturing any controlled substance in Indiana depends on what you’re manufacturing, but the possibility for prison sentences absolutely comes into play if you are charged and convicted of this crime.

Having an Indiana drug crimes lawyer with experience investigating these cases is critical to your defense. If evidence against you is illegally seized, those lawyers might be able to exclude that evidence from being introduced against you in court. With lawyers who will fight the state’s case, up to and including trying these cases to juries, you have your best line of defense. Be sure to call the board-certified attorneys at The Criminal Defense Team who have helped people defend against drug manufacturing charges before.

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How a Indiana Drug Manufacturing Defense Attorney Can Help You

A drug manufacturing charge is not the same thing as possessing or using a controlled substance. It is considered a much more serious crime. Prosecutors will aggressively pursue drug manufacturing cases because stopping the alleged operation is seen as a step in the right direction when it comes to reducing the number of drugs available out on the streets. If you’ve been charged with manufacturing a controlled substance of any kind, you may be in for an uphill battle. That’s why you need an experienced and aggressive attorney on your side from day one.

At The Criminal Defense Team, we know just how seriously Indiana prosecutors and courts consider drug manufacturing crimes to be. A conviction of this magnitude can significantly damage an individual’s personal and professional reputation and their entire future. That’s why, if you’ve been charged with any type of drug manufacturing charge, you need the immediate assistance of an experienced and knowledgeable Indiana drug manufacturing attorney. A seasoned attorney with The Criminal Defense Team can help protect your rights and craft a defense strategy that gives you the best chance at a favorable outcome.

Before you talk to anyone, talk to the Indiana drug manufacturing lawyers with The Criminal Defense Team. We are ready to put our skills to work for you. Contact us immediately and request a free consultation. You deserve quality legal representation.

What is Drug Manufacturing?

Yes, Breaking Bad made drug manufacturing look like a complex and time-consuming process. Even when they were working out of an RV, the process was long, arduous, and complex. However, drug manufacturing isn’t always the same as it is portrayed on television and in the movies, and drug manufacturing charges can actually stick when an individual is involved in any part of the manufacturing process. So, what is drug manufacturing, technically?

Although the legal definition can vary from state to state, essentially, drug manufacturing is any process that produces an illegal substance. This can be through either synthetic means or natural extraction processes. The two most common examples of this process include mixing chemicals and other components to create methamphetamine or growing and harvesting marijuana plants.

Drug manufacturing is more than just possessing a substance. It is about having the necessary equipment, tools, and means to produce the substance. Sometimes it may require specialized ingredients or gear and be a complex process. Other times it may be as simple as growing a plant or being a “home cook.” Either way, the manufacturing of drugs is considered an extremely serious crime by Indiana courts. Contact the Indiana criminal defense lawyers for a free consultation.