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Indiana Internet Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer

The Criminal Defense Team has seen a big uptick in clients accused of sex crimes related to the internet. These cases are defendable in a variety of ways. For example, what proof does the prosecutor have that your computer, smartphone, or device was used by you or that you were aware of the potentially illegal item? This can get very tricky for the prosecutor. Perhaps we need to hire an expert witness to debunk the state’s case.

There are many ways to defend this type of accusation. If you are charged with a sex crime that somehow involves the internet, our criminal defense lawyers in Indiana have the legal expertise and experience to determine the best course of action and the best strategy to defend you while fighting for you and your reputation.

What Is an Internet Sex Crime?

“Internet sex crimes” is a broad phrase that can be used to describe a wide range of different crimes. Many online sexual offenses involve some type of possession or distribution of child pornography or harmful content, but internet sex crimes can also encompass different forms of online solicitation. While the phrase is broad, so too is the list of potential penalties associated with these types of crimes.

Since the majority of internet sex crimes involve minors in some way, prosecutors will aggressively pursue cases involving internet sex crimes. That is why it is important to immediately consult with an experienced sex crimes attorney in Indiana if you have been charged with an offense. The penalties for internet sex crimes can be significant, and an individual could end up having to register as a sex offender, an act that can stigmatize a person and haunt them for years to come.