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Indiana Neglect of a Dependent Defense Attorney

Why Hire Our Neglect of a Dependent Defense Attorney in Indiana?

When the Department of Child Services gets involved in your life, it is very common to soon be charged with “neglect of a dependent.” We have successfully defended clients accused of this crime. The defense can take place in a variety of ways. Sometimes we don’t deny the allegation (such as leaving the child in a car while getting groceries) but do deny that it amounted to child neglect.

Other times we absolutely dispute what occurred. It is common for a child to have bruises or broken bones, but how did those bruises and broken bones occur? Perhaps you know, or perhaps you don’t. Is there another viable suspect that can have a finger pointed at them?

The definition of “neglect” in Indiana is very specific and is really the starting point for any good defense. Of course, if the prosecutor does not believe that your attorney will fight for your client all the way to trial, then you will not get the outcome you deserve.

Our History Of Success

One of our lawyers fought all the way to trial for clients who believed, for religious reasons, they did not have to take their children to the doctor or hospital. When one of their children died, the media in this high-profile case made the clients out to be a monster. They needed a champion, in spite of public sentiment. They got that champion.

Even though the trial in that case did not result in victory, the clients received very lenient sentences due to the work of their attorney. At that time the attorney did not work for us, however, she carried that experience with her, along with more than 20 years of experience when we hired her a few years later.

Experience matters when defending clients accused of neglecting their dependents or any other crime. The criminal defense lawyers at The Criminal Defense Team has Board Certified* attorneys with the knowledge and experience to handle your case.