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At The Criminal Defense Team, our commitment to providing aggressive advocacy and compassionate counsel has not only earned us the trust of our clients but has also garnered attention from various media outlets. With three Board-Certified* Criminal Trial Specialists, we have over 100+ years of combined experience in representing clients accused of various crimes in Indiana. Our dedication to criminal defense is unparalleled, and our results speak for themselves.

Our attorneys, including Andrew J. Baldwin, Kathie A. Perry, and Maxwell B. Wiley, are recognized as Board Certified Criminal Trial Advocates by the National Board of Trial Advocacy. This elite title is a testament to their expertise, dedication, and extensive trial experience. In fact, out of the more than 15,000 lawyers practicing in Indiana, only 6 can claim the title of Board-Certified* Criminal Trial Specialist, and three of them are part of our esteemed team.

As you navigate our “In the News” page, you’ll discover how our attorneys have been featured in the media, sharing their insights, expertise, and shedding light on various legal matters. Whether it’s a television interview, a podcast episode, or an article, our team’s presence in the media underscores our commitment to being at the forefront of criminal defense in Indiana.

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