Max Wiley

Max Wiley

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Defending a Wrongfully Convicted Client Changed Wiley’s Trajectory and Inspired Him to Defend the Accused

Attorney Max Wiley had a pivotal experience while participating in the Wrongful Convictions Clinic during his time as a student at IU McKinney School of Law. He helped on a case involving 2 innocent men (Roosevelt Glenn and Daryl Pinkins) who had been convicted of crimes they never committed. Glenn and Pinkins were ultimately exonerated, despite having served long prison sentences. (Wiley even appeared in an episode of 48 Hours which featured their story.)

During this case, Wiley saw that the criminal justice system is not always just and was deeply impacted by what he saw. He details his experience by saying, “Witnessing firsthand how the system failed and how good men, because of that failure, were wrongfully convicted has had a profound impact on me. It also impressed upon me how high the stakes are in criminal law. Simply put, there is no room for error.”

Wiley knew that he wanted to help with high-stakes cases and saw this as the best use of his talents. Starting at the Marion County Public Defender Agency, he worked his way into the Major Felony Division where he took more than 90 cases to trial, handling cases ranging from petty theft to homicide. He confronted the challenges of trial litigation head-on and learned the importance of battling it out and building an airtight case for every client. During this time, Wiley became more and more motivated to be the best of the best at trial.

Wiley Moved from Criminal Defense to Prosecution

Wiley then went on to work as a prosecutor for the Marion County Prosecutor’s office. He was brought on to handle major felony cases, which made him an even better trial lawyer and gave him an in-depth understanding of how both sides think.

Wiley says of this experience, “Having the ability to view cases through the lens of a prosecutor has certainly made me a better criminal defense lawyer as I bring that perspective to every case. This helps me, and the rest of our firm, better anticipate the next move of the prosecutor because I have been there. I firmly believe that it takes good lawyers on both sides for the system to work, and I am proud of my work as a prosecutor.”

He was also the lead prosecutor in the case against William Gholston. Wiley ultimately secured a conviction against him and helped send him to prison for brutally kidnapping and killing a 14-year-old girl in Indianapolis. (Click here to learn more about this case.)

Overall, Wiley has tried 26 jury trials as a prosecutor. He has handled 9 murder trials and 2 trials regarding attempted murder. Coupled with his work as a criminal defender, Wiley has been to trial more than 100 times and has done so before a jury on more than 50 occasions.

Wiley Joins The Criminal Defense Team of Baldwin Perry & Kamish, PC As a Lead Criminal Defense Lawyer in Noblesville

Wiley’s experiences led him to The Criminal Defense Team of Baldwin Perry & Kamish, PC, where he has greatly contributed to the firm’s success in defending those accused of serious crimes. He understands the human side of legal practice and is motivated to keep our clients from experiencing the unfair consequences of an unjust criminal justice system. In addition to being a good lawyer, Wiley seeks to treat people well and use his talents and experience in a way that promotes their best interests on every occasion and at every turn.

“My time as a prosecutor made me a better criminal defense attorney and by joining The Criminal Defense Team of Baldwin Perry & Kamish, PC, my career has come full circle,” Wiley says. “It started with fighting for Roosevelt Glenn and Daryl Pinkins in law school, and it continues with fighting every day for each of our clients and their family and friends.”

Bar Association Membership & Awards:

  • Board Certified Criminal Trial Advocate by the National by the National Board of Trial Advocacy

"Max Wiley was a force of nature in criminal law circles in Indianapolis very early on. He broke from the pack as a young public defender, quickly moving up the ladder due to his trial skills. He then moved on to the prosecutor’s office where his name and reputation continued to grow to the point where he was asked to handle high profile cases. Our firm is so blessed to have Max Wiley’s wealth of experience, both as a defense lawyer and prosecutor. His calm demeanor and brains are a great resource for our whole team but it is our clients who benefit the most. Watching Max interact with prosecutors, judges and court staff and witnessing the respect they have for him as a person and lawyer makes me proud to fight alongside him for our clients." -- Kathie Perry, lawyer, The Criminal Defense Team of Baldwin Perry & Kamish, PCof Baldwin Perry & Kamish, PC.

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