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Why Choose Our Criminal Defense Attorney in Franklin?

Everyone who is accused of a crime in the United States of America is innocent until proven guilty under the eyes of the law. However, it doesn’t always feel this way when you’re the one being accused of a serious crime. Criminal investigators often seem to work in favor of the prosecution, and judges and juries tend to assume the worst about the criminally accused. To make sure your rights aren’t trampled when you are accused of a crime, you will want the strongest criminal defense you can get.

For the people of Franklin, Indiana, The Criminal Defense Team is the first name to call after an arrest. We are highly experienced and resourceful, capable of taking on tough fights that other defense firms can’t. With your freedom, finances, and reputation on the line, let us stand up for you. 

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4 Board-certified Criminal Law Specialists

At The Criminal Defense Team, we know it isn’t enough to just say that your team is impressive. You have to show it. We are proud to say that out of the six Board-Certified Criminal Law Specialists in Indiana, three of them are with our firm.

To become a Board-Certified Criminal Law Specialist, an attorney must pass a rigorous test that is infamous for its difficulty. Given that there are less than a dozen criminal law specialists in the state right now, this title is considered a true achievement among legal professionals and beyond. For our clients, it means that they know some of the toughest criminal defense attorneys are representing them when the state seeks the worst of penalties.

Types Of Criminal Charges We Defend

The Criminal Defense Team is named this for a reason. We are closely familiar with Indiana’s criminal defense laws and all the potential charges that a defendant can face. Whether you have been arrested for the first time or have been convicted before, you can trust us to protect your rights. We are even equipped to create federal crime defense strategies and represent you in high courts.

We have experience defending clients from these charges and more:

Three Elements Of A Criminal Defense Strategy

We will create a personally tailored criminal defense strategy for you and the unique details of your case. This deliberate, careful approach is crucial for making that strategy as strong as it can be. The elements that go into your criminal defense case will be comprised of a few basic components, though. 

The average criminal defense strategy will include:

  • Evidence: Showing that the prosecution is wrong with concrete evidence is a reliable path to shut down their entire argument.
  • Arguments: Every piece of evidence should be supported by concise arguments delivered by experienced criminal lawyers.
  • Counterpoints: When the prosecution brings up its own evidence and arguments, your attorney must be ready with clear counterpoints.

Pre-arrest & Pre-charge Defenses

You don’t have to be arrested to start protecting your rights against the state. The Criminal Defense Team can devise defense strategies that come into play before you are arrested or charged with a crime. By letting us act preemptively, we might be able to stop criminal investigations against you, so the case ends before you even have a mark added to your criminal record.

Contact The Criminal Defense Lawyers at Franklin Today

Our Franklin criminal defense attorneys are ready for any challenging case that comes our way. If you need have a drug charge or need a DUI attorney in Franklin, we will fight for your rights. The Criminal Defense Team has decades of collective experience and a long history of great case results for our clients, after all. We would like to see if we can help secure a major win for your case, too, like a case dismissal, not guilty verdict, or significant charge or sentencing reduction. Let’s start by exploring your options during an initial consultation.

For more information about our criminal defense services, dial (317) 687-8326 now.

Franklin, IN Criminal Defense FAQ

How are infractions, misdemeanors, and felonies different?

An infraction is a criminal violation that can’t end in a conviction or jail time. A misdemeanor can be penalized with up to 1 year in jail. A felony can be penalized with more than 1 year in prison, as well as fines that can exceed $5,000. 

If I am arrested, am I also charged with a crime?

When you are arrested on criminal suspicions, you have not yet been charged with a crime. With some luck, you could be arrested and let go without any further action taken against you. Similarly, you aren’t convicted of a crime just because you were charged with it. You can always defend yourself and stop the criminal prosecution process against you.

Do all criminal sentences send you to jail?

For some misdemeanors, no jail time is included in the sentencing requirements, especially when the defendant has no criminal record or did not commit a violent crime. Also, infractions are penalized with administrative penalties, which can’t include jail time.