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You could lose your driving privileges and freedom if you are convicted of operating a vehicle while intoxicated (OWI), which is similar to driving under the influence (DUI) in most other states. Trying to defend yourself against the state could be a mistake that costs your driver’s license. When so much of your day-to-day life could be disrupted by just one judge’s decision, it is safer to side with caution and team up with a highly respected OWI defense law firm like The Criminal Defense Team in Franklin, Indiana.

We have more than 100+ years of total practice experience with a deliberate focus on criminal defense. OWI cases can get complicated quickly, but not for us. Our talents, know-how, and resources ensure that we will be ready to defend any OWI/DUI case that comes our way.

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BAC Limit in Indiana

In Indiana, it is illegal to operate a vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08 or greater. If a driver is pulled over with this BAC level, then it is grounds for an OWI charge. Minors automatically break the law if they drive with a BAC level of just 0.02. Commercial drivers in the state must keep their BAC levels below 0.04.

Possible OWI Penalties

An OWI can seem like it will not be too damaging upon conviction, especially if you have never had one before. Don’t be mistaken. Indiana can slam you with harsh penalties for a first-time OWI conviction.

OWI penalties in Indiana can include:

  • Time spent behind bars
  • Fines paid to the state
  • Loss of driving privileges

Furthermore, an OWI can completely disrupt your day-to-day life if you lose your driver’s license. If you depend on your vehicle to get to work, for example, then you could face job loss. Child visitation rights might be temporarily changed if you have to drive to see your children. The ramifications of losing your driving privileges are as harsh as they are varied, so be ready to fight to protect them.

Enhanced OWI Sentencing in Indiana

The previously mentioned OWI penalties can be heightened under certain circumstances. Indiana allows for enhanced sentencing if the situation calls for it.

Your OWI charges could be escalated if:

  • You have been convicted of a driving offense or OWI before.
  • You were in an OWI accident that hurt someone.
  • You were on parole when you were pulled over again.
  • You had a minor in your vehicle while drunk driving.

We Have 3 Board-Certified Criminal Law Specialists

You should do everything that you can to defend your driving privileges, rights, and finances from the penalties of an OWI conviction. Start your defense by coming to The Criminal Defense Team and working with our Board-Certified Criminal Law Specialists. To achieve this title, an attorney must pass an infamously rigorous exam of Indiana’s criminal laws.

Currently, there are six Board-Certified Criminal Law Specialists. Three of them have joined The Criminal Defense Team, so we can provide the best possible legal services to our OWI and criminal defense clients.

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Franklin, IN OWI Defense FAQ

What does BAC mean?

BAC means blood alcohol concentration. A driver whose BAC exceeds the limit is “legally intoxicated” and can be charged with an OWI by default.

How is BAC measured?

BAC is measured using breath, blood, or urine tests. Breath tests can be completed roadside, urine tests can be completed while at the police station, and blood tests sometimes require a warrant to authorize.

Do I really get penalized if I don’t take a breath test?

Refusing to take a breathalyzer test when you have been stopped for an OWI can immediately suspend your driver’s license. You could have a BAC of 0.00 and still lose your license just for refusing to take a breath test.

I was forced to take a field sobriety test, does that matter?

Field sobriety tests are optional, unlike breath and chemical tests. If you were forced to take a field sobriety test or FST that you tried to refuse, then it could help unravel the state’s case against you.

How can I get an OWI if I wasn’t even drunk?

You can get an OWI or DUI if you weren’t legally intoxicated. This happens if you have any detectable alcohol in your blood and are pulled over for driving dangerously.

Will I lose my license after an OWI in Indiana?

You are nearly guaranteed to temporarily lose your driver’s license after an OWI conviction in Indiana. An OWI defense attorney might be able to argue that you should be given a restricted license, which would let you drive for required obligations like going to and from work.