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Why Hire Our Domestic Violence Attorney in Franklin?

The moment you are accused of domestic violence, your life can start falling apart. People don’t take such accusations lightly. Many of the people closest to you might start turning their backs on you and assuming that the accusations must be completely true. You could even be immediately subjected to an order of protection that limits what you can do and say until the case is resolved.

If you have been accused of domestic violence or battery in Franklin, Indiana, then get our criminal defense lawyer in Franklin on your side as soon as possible. We can create strong defense strategies that shield you from the worst potential outcomes. We might even be able to stop the criminal investigation against you before you are officially charged with a crime, which will do more to preserve your reputation among your family, community, and workplace.

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There are only five Board-Certified Criminal Law Specialists in Indiana. It is no coincidence that four of them are on The Criminal Defense Team. We have worked hard to build a criminal defense law firm of the highest caliber, which is why so many Indiana Board-Certified Criminal Law Specialists have banded together here.

To earn a Board Certification in Criminal Law, an attorney must pass an intense criminal law exam that few attempt and even fewer pass. It is not a test that is taken lightly. Earning this title is extremely rare, yet there are three Board-Certified Criminal Law Specialists at our firm who are ready to help defend you from domestic violence accusations.

Different Forms of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence can take many forms. As such, you could be charged with this crime without even realizing that you did something wrong.

You could be charged with domestic violence if you are accused of:

  • Aggravated battery
  • Domestic battery
  • Confinement
  • Harassment
  • Invasion of privacy
  • Kidnapping
  • Neglect and abuse
  • Stalking
  • Trespassing
  • Violation of a protective order

Severe violent crimes and felonies can also be considered domestic violence depending on who the alleged victim is in relation to the defendant. For example, murder or homicide can be forms of domestic violence.

How a Conviction Will Hurt Your Future

When you are accused of domestic violence, your entire future could be in danger. A conviction is bad and will slam you with criminal penalties. However, the worse harm could be how society and the people close to you start to see you after you’ve been convicted. Your freedom, job, family life, and reputation can all be damaged by a single conviction for domestic violence.

If you are convicted of domestic violence in Indiana, you could face:

  • Thousands of dollars in fines
  • 1 year in jail (misdemeanor)
  • 40 years in prison (Level 1 felony)
  • Loss of parenting rights
  • Loss of employment
  • Loss of professional licensure

How to Act When Accused of Domestic Violence

You have an important decision to make once you are accused of domestic violence. In fact, how you act from the moment you suspect someone close to you might accuse you of domestic violence is important. Knowing now how to behave and the steps to take after an arrest can make a huge difference for the rest of your case.

If a police officer arrives to arrest you for domestic violence, you should:

  • Remain calm: Do not resist the arrest in any form, even if you are 100% sure you did nothing wrong.
  • Use your right to remain silent: You can ask why you are being arrested, give basic details about who you are, and then evoke your right to remain silent if you are worried that saying too much could hurt your case.
  • Create notes: Write down any notes that you can remember about the moments leading up to your arrest.
  • Hire an attorney: Use your first phone call to dial (317) 687-8326 and speak with our Franklin domestic violence attorneys right away.
  • Remember your innocence: Oftentimes, the police must make an arrest when responding to a domestic violence call. If you are arrested, it might be a technicality, and you might not even be charged, so don’t get anxious right away.

Here to Defend Your Future & Reputation. Call Our Domestic Violence Lawyer in Franklin Today.

Trust our Board-Certified Criminal Law Specialists to be there for you when you have been accused of domestic violence in Franklin, Indiana. We are ready to challenge any strategies that the prosecution uses against you. We will make them work overtime to even suggest that the accusations might be slightly true. Ideally, your case will be dismissed before it progresses much at all.

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Domestic Violence Defense FAQ

How does Indiana define a domestic relationship?

A domestic relationship, as defined by the law, can involve a romantic couple, family members, or people who live in the same household. It can also apply to people who had such a relationship in the past, such as former roommates or ex-spouses. A crime against one such person can result in a domestic violence charge.

Will I be charged with a felony for domestic violence or battery?

Domestic violence charges are usually filed as Class A misdemeanors. With certain circumstances, the charge can be escalated to a felony. People with past violent convictions, for example, could face a felony charge the first time they are arrested for domestic violence.

Is self-defense a good defense strategy when accused of domestic violence?

Self-defense can be a legitimate defense strategy when you are accused of domestic violence. You have the right to defend yourself with reasonable actions when attacked. If you were hurt first by the person accusing you of domestic violence, let our attorneys know right away.

Can domestic violence charges be expunged from my record?

In Indiana, domestic violence charges cannot be expunged from your record if you have been convicted of the offense. Expungement, also known as sealing, is not available for domestic violence convictions. It is important to note that Indiana law prohibits the expungement of convictions for violent crimes, including domestic violence offenses. However, you should always consult with an experienced domestic violence attorney who can provide personalized guidance based on the specific details of your case and explain the options available to you.