Local, State, and Federal Mask Mandates: Everything You Need to Know

Local, state, and federal mask mandates: everything you need to know-Woman-putting-on-mask

Amid the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic, almost all of us have been subject to requirements or accommodations outside the norm—whether it be working from home, not being able to eat out, or somehow finding yourself immersed in Tiger King. But the main requirement popping up all over the country is: can you be required to wear […]

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Attorney Baldwin Defends Client Against Kidnapping Accusations

Attorney Baldwin defends client against kidnapping accusations - mcdonalds sign

Attorney Andrew Baldwin of The Criminal Defense Team is proud to have obtained a successful result for his client in a recent high-profile case. Thanks to Attorney Baldwin’s efforts, Craig Stumpf of Greenwood has had all charges against him dropped by prosecutors, allowing him to begin trying to set his life back in order. The […]

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Bill Cosby Charged With Felony Sexual Assault

Attorney Mark Kamish's success at the Indiana supreme court - Gavel

Of the many criminal cases which gripped the headlines in 2015, perhaps none were as high profile as the numerous sexual assault allegations made against Bill Cosby. The comedian and former TV star has been officially charged with felony sexual assault, related to an incident which allegedly occurred in 2004. The charges were announced just […]

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