What Happens if I Receive Stolen Property?

When You Did Nothing Wrong Yet Still Face Charges If you are caught with stolen property in Indiana yet had nothing to do with the crime, you could still face serious punishments. Possessing stolen property is a criminal offense, and you could be sentenced to…

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What Are My Rights If Arrested?

Know Your Rights If you are ever arrested, it is crucial to know your rights. The Miranda Rights are a series of statements that are read to a person who is in police custody. These rights protect the individual from self-incrimination and ensure that they…

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Common Defenses Against Theft Charges

Posted on October 14, 2022

Protecting Your Rights When facing criminal charges, it is important to know all of your potential defense strategies. One common charge is theft, which can be levied against individuals who have stolen property or assets. There are several defenses to use to argue against a…

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Working as a Team in the Midst of Time-Consuming Jury Trials

Over the last two months, the lawyers in the CDT have been involved in, for the most part, at least one jury per week. This includes the last two weeks when 3 different multi-day jury trials in 3 different counties across the state have taken…

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Two Big Jury Wins in Two Days

Clients Facing a Combined 44 years in Prison Walk Home Free Men The firm’s commitment to both in-house training and mentorship, as well as continuing education all over the country aid in winning two hard-fought cases. Over the last two months, the lawyers at CDT…

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