Hit & Run Client Sentence Reduced on Appeal

The Criminal Defense Team is proud to announce that we have successfully appealed the improper criminal sentencing of one of our clients. Morgan Mannix, who was convicted of hit and run last year, will now spend the rest of her reduced sentence on probation.

As IndyStar reports, Mannix was charged in a 2012 drunk driving death and convicted of Class C felony. While the offense was serious, she had no prior criminal history, cooperated with authorities, and accumulated jail credit while awaiting trial. Still, when it came time to sentencing, Marion County sentenced her to six years—three in prison and three in home detention.

However, Indiana’s advisory sentence for a Class C felony is four years and defense attorney felt that Ms. Morgan’s circumstances did not warrant a harsher sentence. “It was our argument that she didn’t have prior criminal history, has been a very exemplary person throughout her life,” our Attorney told reporters.

Nothing “Unique About the Circumstances”

Ultimately, a majority of the appeals court judges agreed with our Attorney’s assertions of Ms. Mannix’s case: the original trial judge did not “identify anything unique about the circumstances” that would warrant a harsher penalty than those laid out by state’s advisory sentences. The court reduced her sentence back to four years, two of which to be served in prison. Due to jail credit and time already served, Ms. Mannix will now be able to serve the rest of her reduced sentence on probation.

This case is just another example of the effective advocacy our counselors at The Criminal Defense Team are capable of: we do not rest until the rights of our clients are recognized and we have ensured that they receive every consideration they deserve before our criminal justice system. Congratulations to our Attorney on his victory in this case on behalf of Ms. Mannix.

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