Two Big Jury Wins in Two Days

Fist for fighting

Clients Facing a Combined 44 years in Prison Walk Home Free Men

The firm’s commitment to both in-house training and mentorship, as well as continuing education all over the country aid in winning two hard-fought cases.

Over the last two months, the lawyers at CDT have been working on new voir dire techniques that CDT attorney David Hennessy (of counsel) has been honing over his highly successful 40-year career. Many lawyers would say that David has been the best trial attorney in central Indiana for over two decades. David has been meeting with and working with our lawyers to develop better questions during jury selection that highlight the importance of “reasonable doubt” in the courtroom. The first use of these techniques was two weeks ago in Madison County in which the CDT (with Max Wiley and Kelly Pyle leading the charge) secured a “not guilty” for a man facing serious accusations of child molesting.

In Johnson County, our client was accused of child molesting, and despite claims that he admitted the crime to a third-party, Carrie Miles and Jeremy Fisk secured a win, highlighted by Carrie’s cross-examination of the accuser and a powerful personal story told by Jeremy that highlighted the dangers of believing an accuser without looking at the details of their story. Our client, who professed his innocence from the first moment he met with our lawyers, cried at the counsel table after the verdict was read.

In Huntington County, Andy Baldwin and Kelly Pyle (aided by too many people in the firm to mention) took a rape and incest case that seemed impossible to win, including having to deal with what appeared to be incredibly damaging DNA/seminal evidence and multiple alleged confessions to third parties. Kelly’s cross-examination of the accuser and Andy’s cross-examination of the prosecutor’s DNA expert were just a few of the highlights in that victory. Our client was adamant that he had been set up by an angry and vindictive daughter, and the jury ultimately found reasonable doubt to her story. Our client and his wife both cried as the verdict was read.

Of course, both cases also involved utilizing the in-house techniques taught by David Hennessy which all lawyers agree was instrumental in securing the wins.

Never resting on our laurels, at the CDT, training and mentorship are key components to our success. The firm provides a very healthy yearly stipend for all lawyers to travel across the country to attend the best conferences to also hone our skills. In the end, we are fighting for fellow human beings and need to be armed with as much information and training as possible to put our clients in the best position to win. This week proved that we aren’t missing the mark.

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