Criminal Defense

State vs. Federal Criminal Cases

JURISDICTIONAL BOUNDARIES Defining Jurisdiction: The Authority of State and Federal Courts Jurisdiction is the cornerstone of the legal system, delineating the power and authority that courts hold to hear and decide cases. In the United States, the legal landscape is divided between state and federal…

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What Happens If You Evade Arrest in Indiana?

Facing the possibility of arrest can be a daunting experience, and it’s natural for individuals to experience a range of emotions and thoughts in such situations. Sometimes, the instinct to evade arrest might arise, driven by fear or a desire to avoid legal consequences. However,…

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Does Indiana Have “Stand Your Ground” Laws?

Protecting Yourself and Your Family In Indiana, the law of self-defense provides a powerful defense when using deadly force. Known as “Stand Your Ground,” this legal principle allows an individual to use deadly force against another person if they reasonably believe their life is in…

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Felony Classifications & Penalties in Indiana

When it comes to criminal offenses, the severity of the crime often determines the classification and subsequent penalties imposed by the justice system. In the state of Indiana, like many other jurisdictions, felonies are classified into different levels, each carrying its own set of penalties….

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What Are the Drug Schedules in Indiana?

Understanding Indiana’s Drug Charges Drug offenses are serious crimes in Indiana and can carry significant penalties. If you or a loved one has been charged with a drug offense, it is essential to understand the drug schedules in Indiana and the importance of having an…

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