The Criminal Defense Team Secures Acquittals in Felony Battery Case

The Criminal Defense Team is proud to announce that our lawyers have secured a decisive courtroom victory on behalf of one of our recent clients. In the case of one client charged with felony battery and several other assorted charges, an Indianapolis jury found the accused not guilty of all counts.

Attorney Kathie Perry took the lead in this case, with Attorney Andrew Baldwin serving as co-counsel. Both brought a thorough and compelling case to the courtroom that challenged the allegations of the state and introduced new evidence to the jury. That evidence was recovered by paralegal Clark Wehmeier, whose diligent work also helped make this victory possible.

It only took the jury 56 minutes to deliberate and find our client not guilty of all counts. This client was facing 5 1/2 years of imprisonment in this trial and now, thanks to the advocacy provided by our firm, they can walk away from this ordeal without penalty.

Right To A Speedy Trial

One particular aspect of this victory that our team is proud of is our efforts, pre-trial, to have our client tried quickly. Despite the fact that every citizen in this country has a “right to a speedy trial,” too many accused citizens languish in jail—their lives put on hold—while they wait for the slow wheels of justice to turn.

Attorneys Perry and Baldwin knew that this was a particular concern for our client. In response, our team assessed the details of this case and determined that we could be ready for trial fairly quickly. Ultimately, that proactive approach allowed us to litigate sooner than later and resolve this issue as swiftly as possible on behalf of our client.

We congratulate Attorneys Perry and Baldwin on this latest courtroom victory and know that this case will stand as another clear example of the dedicated, high-quality work our firm is capable of providing our clients.

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