5 Surprising Ways to Get a DUI

Posted on November 2, 2015
  • DUI
  • Most people are well aware of the fact that you can get a DUI for driving a car, truck, or motorcycle while intoxicated. However, many are surprised to learn that you can be charged with DUI for operating nearly any vehicle while under the influence. In this blog, we explore five less common ways to get a DUI in Indiana.

    1. On a Bicycle

    After cars and trucks, bicycles are one of the leading vehicles for DUI charges. These are street-legal vehicles, and operating them under the influence can be very dangerous for the rider and other drivers on the road. Typically, prosecutors will seek lesser public intoxication charges, unless you were acting particularly recklessly.

    2. On a Riding Lawnmower

    Lawnmower-based DUIs are surprisingly commonplace, as people get a bit too reckless behind the wheel of these machines. While you may be tempted to throw back a few beers before mowing the lawn, it’s best to stay sober and on your own property to avoid arrest.

    3. On an ATV/Side-by-Side

    Off-road vehicles such as ATVs are another recreational device that people always seem to mix with alcohol. Riding an ATV drunk is a highly dangerous activity, and police have been known to arrest overly reckless riders.

    4. On a Horse

    We already know that DUIs aren’t restricted to motor vehicles, but they aren’t restricted to manmade transportation, either. Horses are big, heavy animals, and riding one while intoxicated can put both you and the animal in dangerous situations.

    5. On a Zamboni

    The big ice resurfacing vehicles often known as Zambonis have also yielded a number of DUI arrests over the years. While this is fairly uncommon, it reminds us that operating other types of heavy industrial vehicles under the influence can lead to a DUI. Drivers who have been arrested for Zamboni-based DUI have been known to swerve around the ice, and crash into the sides of the rink.