5 Signs You’ve Hired the Right DUI Lawyer

Posted on November 16, 2015
  • DUI
  • After a DUI arrest, the first thing you should do is choose an Indiana DUI attorney. This can be an overwhelming process if you don’t know what to look for. In this blog, our skilled attorneys discuss five key indicators which suggest you’ve made the right choice.

    1. They Are Communicative

    Communication is a vitally important part of the lawyer-client relationship. While attorneys are typically busy people, you should always expect your calls and emails to be returned in a relatively prompt manner. If you’re left wondering if your lawyer even remembers that you’re a client, it may be time to look elsewhere.

    2. You’re on the Same Page

    Although it’s relatively uncommon, every now and then a client chooses a lawyer who seems qualified, yet they disagree with them on every decision. Remember that your attorney is your advocate and your voice in court – it’s important to make sure that you agree with their defense strategy, and it’s important that the lawyer takes the time to listen to your wishes and goals.

    3. They Never Miss a Deadline

    Everyone had a teacher in grade school who wouldn’t accept late assignments – in the legal world, all courts are “that teacher.” It is absolutely imperative that everything is filed properly and on time, or the time and money spent crafting a defense strategy could be wasted. An experienced DUI attorney should be intimately familiar with the deadlines involved in the process and will make sure everything is done on time.

    4. They Can Explain Things Easily

    Again, your lawyer is your advocate and voice, so it’s quite important that you can understand them! Many lawyers have an impressive knowledge of the law, but struggle to explain situations to their clients in plain English. When your rights and freedom are on the line, you need a lawyer who will take the time to make sure you understand what you’re up against.

    5. They Are a Certified Criminal Law Specialist

    A lawyer’s status as a Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist is a solid indicator that you’ve picked a good attorney. This certification is only granted to a small percentage of DUI lawyers working in the state, and indicates that the attorney is primarily focused on criminal defense, highly knowledgeable, highly experienced, and upholds a high standard of ethical representation.