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Noblesville Domestic Violence Lawyer

Defense for the Accused

A domestic violence accusation can completely unravel your day-to-day life. Even if you are confident that you did nothing wrong, you could still be hit with the full extent of the law. Many courts unjustly assume that people accused of domestic violence are guilty until proven innocent, which is the exact opposite of how the criminal court system is supposed to work.

At The Criminal Defense Team, we proudly protect the rights and reputations of men and women who have been accused of committing domestic violence in Noblesville, Indiana. With our representation, you can shield yourself from an unjust conviction or out-of-control sentencing requirements. In some cases, we can even intervene before domestic violence charges are ever filed against you, so your reputation in your community isn’t damaged. Reach out to our Noblesville domestic violence defense lawyers now to get started.

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Board-Certified Criminal Defense Attorneys

Domestic violence charges are nothing to take lightly. Make sure that your defense is ready to fight them. To begin, choose a team that has Board-Certified Criminal Law Specialists* on its team. The Criminal Defense Team is proud to say that 3 of Indiana’s 6 Board-Certified Criminal Law Specialists are part of our firm. You can trust us to make a robust defense that stands up to harsh prosecutions because we possess an advanced understanding of Indiana’s criminal laws, courtroom procedures, practice ethics, and more.

Acts of Domestic Violence

When you are charged with domestic violence, it could be for one of many different acts or accusations. In Indiana, acts of physical aggression and nonphysical harassment can be considered domestic violence depending on the details of the case. We are ready to craft a defense for you, regardless of why you have been charged.

Domestic violence offenses can include the following and others:

Penalties for Domestic Violence Convictions

Most crimes can damage your finances and put you behind bars for a while if you are convicted. Domestic violence goes beyond these penalties by also damaging your reputation in your community. People and businesses do not want to associate with someone who has been convicted of domestic violence, especially when the accusations involved a physically violent crime. To make sure that you can keep living the life that you have built for yourself, it is so important that you do everything that you can to defend against domestic violence charges. Start by putting The Criminal Defense Team in Noblesville in charge of your defense.

If you are convicted of domestic violence, then you could suffer from:

  • Job loss
  • Removal of parenting rights
  • Steep fines ($1,000 or more in many cases)
  • Up to one year in jail for misdemeanors
  • Up to 40 years in prison for some felonies
  • And more

How to Act When Accused of Domestic Violence

A domestic violence accusation can sometimes seem like it comes out of nowhere and without warning. It is important to know how to act if you are accused of domestic violence before any such accusation is ever made. Some spouses and partners will even falsify reports of domestic violence just to spite the accused. Know what to do now just in case this happens to you.

When you are arrested for domestic violence, you should:

  1. Do your best to remain calm and ask why you are being arrested.
  2. Never do anything to resist the arrest.
  3. Use your right to remain silent until you get to talk to our Noblesville domestic violence lawyers.
  4. Write down anything that you think lead up to the accusation.

Defend Against Domestic Violence Accusations Today

You should act quickly to defend yourself against a domestic violence accusation or criminal charge. As the case against you progresses, the damage to your reputation in your community can worsen. Put our Noblesville domestic violence attorneys in your corner now. We are ready to stand up to the prosecution and make sure that you get the powerful defense that you deserve.

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Noblesville Domestic Violence FAQ

What is a domestic relationship under the law?

A domestic relationship usually involves a couple, spouses, family members, or household members like roommates. If you previously cohabited with someone but don’t anymore, then you are still technically in a domestic relationship with them.

Is domestic violence the same as domestic battery?

Domestic violence is the overall term for violence committed against someone who shares a domestic relationship with you. Domestic battery is a specific form of domestic violence that involves physical battery, such as striking or hitting someone.

Can you use self-defense in your defense strategy?

Self-defense is applicable in domestic violence situations. If you were hurt or under the threat of immediate physical harm from a domestic partner, and you used force to defend yourself, then proving this could be instrumental for your defense strategy.