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Noblesville Criminal Defense Lawyer

Defense Against A Variety Of Criminal Charges

When someone is accused of or charged with a criminal violation, it can turn their world upside-down, especially if it is completely unexpected. The Criminal Defense Team in Noblesville can help you get back on your feet and defend yourself if this has happened to you. From violent felonies to nonviolent misdemeanors, our law firm can defend against all types of criminal charges and accusations. You have the right to be innocent until proven guilty—and we have the experience and resources to make sure that this right is respected by the state. Defend yourself now by teaming up with our Noblesville criminal defense lawyers.

What Sets The Criminal Defense Team Apart

You have your choice of criminal defense firms in Indiana. Why choose The Criminal Defense Team? We think the answer is obvious once you learn that we have 3 Board-Certified Criminal Law Specialists at our firm. Only 6 such specialists currently practice in Indiana, and we have 5 of them on our team.

To become a Board-Certified Criminal Law Specialist, a Noblesville criminal defense lawyer must pass a notoriously difficult exam that fails most professionals who attempt it. Passing this test proves an attorney’s intricate knowledge of the law, legal procedures, and practice ethics. In other words, you can trust any tough case to us!

Types Of Criminal Charges We Defend

The Criminal Defense Team has the experience and expertise needed to work on virtually any criminal defense case. If you are charged with a crime, no matter what it is, then you already know that we can help you build a case against it. Even intense federal crimes that could change your life forever if convicted are familiar to our team.

Call us at (317) 687-8326 if you need help with defense for the following and more:

Key Elements Of A Defense Strategy

The prosecution will be focused on locking you up and making their conviction record look better. You need to be just as focused on making sure that doesn’t happen. By handing your case to The Criminal Defense Team in Noblesville, you will immediately gain the benefit of our many years of experience and talents. From the start, we will be ready to make a strong defense strategy for you.

Key elements of a defense strategy include:

  • Evidence: We can use photographs, eyewitness testimony, police reports, and more to challenge the arguments of the prosecution.
  • Arguments: With evidence in hand, we can build an argument that shows it would be incorrect to convict you, or that the charges are inaccurate.
  • Counterpoints: When the prosecution returns with its own arguments, we will be ready to counterpoints to keep them from making any headway.
  • Negotiations: In some cases, negotiating plea deals is the best way to ensure that the state does not heavily penalize the defendant.      

Defense Before You Are Prosecuted

You don’t have to wait until you are in handcuffs and booked to take action to defend yourself. The moment that you are targeted by a criminal investigation is the same moment that you can benefit from our representation. Thanks to our decades of collective practice experience, The Criminal Defense Team can work on pre-charge and pre-trial defenses that clear your name before any or much action is taken against you. It might be possible to stop a mark from being added to your criminal record by acting quickly.

Call (317) 687-8326 To Start A Defense

Our Board-Certified* attorneys are waiting to hear from you. Please reach out to our Noblesville criminal defense attorneys when you have been accused of a crime or arrested for one. We are ready to build a defense that combines solid arguments and aggressive tactics that keeps the prosecution off balance.

Noblesville Criminal Defense FAQ

What if I can’t afford a criminal defense lawyer?

If you can’t afford a Noblesville criminal defense attorney, the state is required to provide you with a public defender without any cost. The Criminal Defense Team strives to keep our representation costs competitive, so more people can afford high-quality legal counsel for such important cases.

Is a misdemeanor different from a felony?

Most criminal violations can be classified as infractions, misdemeanors, or felonies. An infraction can’t sentence you to jail and can’t result in a conviction. A misdemeanor can result in up to one year in jail and high fines. A felony can result in at least one year of prison time and significant fines.

What happens after an arrest?

When you are arrested, the police officer will take you to the station for processing and booking. You will have an opportunity to make a phone call, such as to reach out to our law firm. You should also be arraigned within a reasonable amount of time and given a bail amount that you can pay to leave jail while your case is pending.