Every Client Deserves a Team Approach With Hands-On Lawyering

Why Have a Team of Trial Lawyers v. Just One Lawyer?

  1. Extra eyes with different perspectives

We all have trial lawyer eyes and instincts. And, we all share a passion for fighting for clients. So, why is Team lawyering better than solo lawyering? We come from different backgrounds and have a variety of trial experiences. Having multiple sets of eyes on each client’s case produces the most effective defense. Team lawyering drives better results. It pushes prosecutors to make better offers, to fear trial, and to screen out/decline borderline cases because they do not want to face a Team defense.

Our Team consists of men and women with life experiences that have helped us be more empathetic and understanding of human behavior. We are military veterans, lifetime defense attorneys, former prosecutors, business owners, family members, and experienced in our field. We regularly try cases in both small rural counties and big-city counties. With over 100 years of combined experience and over 200 jury trials among us, we have seen it all and love working together for the benefit of our clients. Each lawyer is a standalone successful criminal defense lawyer, but Team lawyering enables us to prepare the best defense for individual clients

  1. Team Lawyering lets us custom-build your Defense

When a lawyer takes a case, they use their experience and insight to determine the best approach to defending their client. This is called a “theory of defense”. Choosing the best theory of defense is crucial. When there’s just one lawyer, there’s a good chance that they will think their approach or “theory” is the best—which could result in a flawed defense.

Team lawyering is the perfect way to eliminate those flaws. It is a check and balance on what lawyers call “the buy-in.” The Team dynamic lets each lawyer test and challenge the theory, so they can refine and strengthen it before a jury, prosecutor, or judge ever hears it. Weaknesses get flushed out, and the best theory prevails.

We are all trial lawyers and have expertise at generating successful theories of defense for our clients. We do this work because we love helping people and we hear stories each day that drives us.

Hands-On-Lawyering – We Take It Personally.

A respected lawyer we knew said to all of his clients at their first meeting, “I’ll give you my dirty socks, my jockey shorts, best effort, honesty, and integrity.”

What the heck did he mean? He meant, “be a hands-on lawyer.”

  1. Always call your client back

We are in court every day. Our clients are not. Talk to clients, explain the process. Build trust. Get to know each client. Part of making the best strategic decision for clients is learning their personality. A hands-on lawyer will learn their client’s ability to communicate, temperament, how comfortable they are with risk, and any potential unexpected consequences a conviction might have on their client.

  1. Listen to clients

Oftentimes a client does not realize that something they saw, heard, or know is crucial to their defense. Great trial lawyers listen to what their clients say, dig deeper, and use that information to structure the best defense.

  1. Straight talk

Don’t tell clients what they wish to be true. Hit the bad facts head-on, and then tell them how you’ll structure their defense. An honest assessment of each case results in the most favorable outcomes for clients and allows them to make informed choices for the best possible resolution.

Our Team recognizes the value of practicing law with these standards in mind. We know this is likely one of the toughest times in our client’s life. Hands-on Team lawyering is the only way to effectively represent the people who trust us with their liberty.