Three Common Holiday Crimes

While many people spend the holidays celebrating by exchanging gifts, attending parties, or vacationing, criminals often jump at the opportunity to take advantage of people who have let their guard down while enjoying a period of cheer and good-tidings. As a result, certain crimes actually become more common during the holidays; on this blog we examine three of them.


Retail establishments see a major increase in shoplifting and attempted shoplifting during the holiday shopping period, starting with the annual Black Friday sales. While shoplifting has always been a threat to store owners, it has increased a lot in recent years due to the decline in the economy and risings costs of living making it difficult for some people to be able to afford gifts, regardless of the discounts.

Expect to see increased anti-shoplifting procedures taken at retail stores everywhere, including extra security and possibly needing to take an extra minute or so to have your shopping bags checked before leaving a store.

Identity Theft

Not a fan of holiday shopping crowds? The online shopping sphere grows more and more every year, allowing shoppers to get the things they need delivered right to their door without leaving the house.

Identity thieves come out in droves during the holidays, attempting to sneak their way into computer systems and embed viruses, spyware, and other malicious pieces of software that can steal personal information. Be sure you regularly sweep your computer with a virus and spyware scanner and always be sure the website you plan on purchasing anything from is legitimate and trustworthy.


Many people look forward to holiday parties with friends, family, or co-workers, many of which involve plenty of alcohol. Unfortunately, this leads to a rise in intoxicated drivers, so law enforcement also will usually step up their patrols and countermeasures to catch these dangerous motorists.

If you plan on drinking at a holiday party, plan ahead. Either travel with a designated driver or get a ride from a taxi or ridesharing service. The price of an Uber ride is minuscule compared to the expenses involved with a DUI charge or a terrible accident.

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