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Criminal Defense Teams Winning Strategy Criminal Defense Teams Winning Strategy Criminal Defense Teams Winning Strategy

We are a dedicated team of board-certified lawyers.

Winning Strategy

Our combination of strategic thinking and aggressive action is something you won’t find anywhere else. We dig deep into each and every possible angle of a case. Our aggressive approach, unique defense strategies, and an absolute willingness to go to trial, often makes all the difference for our clients. So no piece of information, or article of evidence, is left unused.

You don’t want to find yourself in front of a judge and suddenly realize there’s no real strategy for your defense. Trust your case to a team that works together to get you the best results.

5 of the 6 Board-Certified criminal lawyers in the
state of Indiana are on our team.

Our team concept—the brainstorming, the drawing upon decades of experience, our network of connections—makes it far less likely that something will slip past us. We are constantly reviewing files with one another, holding an impromptu meeting with one of our colleagues, or holding a meeting with all of our lawyers and staff. All to build an aggressive defense that will get you the best possible outcome.

What truly sets our law firm apart from our competitors is the fact that we are not afraid to go to trial. Our experience is that prosecutors love to bully attorneys who never go to trial. Our lawyers will not be bullied.

Criminal Defense Team Members Criminal Defense Team Members Criminal Defense Team Members

A free consultation is the first step.

The fastest, easiest way to ease your mind after a criminal arrest is to call us at . Our team of specialists is uniquely qualified to protect your freedom and interests. We believe in taking swift, aggressive action to out-maneuver the prosecution and build a strong defense. We’ve done it for thousands of clients, and we can do it for you.

No matter where you live in Indiana, The Criminal Defense Team is here to help.

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