Can I get my criminal record sealed?

Penalties for a first time DUI conviction - handcuffs

Certain offenses or convictions can cause a permanent mark on your criminal record. This can follow you around for years, affecting your future employment, housing, and education, as well as affecting your reputation. The expungement process can be used to seal your record from background searches and other public records. After one year has passed from the […]

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What are civil rights offenses?

What are civil rights offenses?-protest-at-white-house

When you’ve been arrested, your civil rights can be violated by unscrupulous or negligent officials. This includes police brutality, negligent medical professionals, invasion of privacy or violations of due process during an investigation, or injuries that can occur from an arrest. When your rights have been violated, it’s important you seek representation from our Franklin criminal defense […]

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What is the difference between felony and misdemeanor charges?


The state of Indiana categorizes all criminal charges by level of severity, including the total value of stolen property, who, if anyone, was injured, if weapons were involved in a crime, if you have prior convictions, and a number of other factors. Felony charges are more severe and therefore carry higher potential penalties, including harsh prison sentences […]

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