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Have you been charged with carrying an unlicensed gun in Indiana? If so, you need the services of a qualified Indiana defense lawyer who understands the confusing details about Indiana gun laws. In many cases, violating any part of these laws is considered a misdemeanor. However, in certain situations, or for a repeat offense, you could be looking at a serious felony criminal charge.

Gun laws in Indiana (like in most states and at the federal level) are numerous and complex. One of those laws criminalizes citizens carrying handguns outside their homes without first receiving a state license to do so. Some laws make carrying a handgun by people with certain prior criminal convictions major felony offenses (even misdemeanor domestic battery). To top that off, in this day and age, most prosecutors are not apt to make favorable plea offers in gun cases. You’re going to have to fight to gain negotiating leverage.

Having Board Certified* lawyers who know state and federal gun laws and who know how to successfully challenge illegal police searches of your car, home or person is critical if you find yourself charged with a gun crime. Together with you, The Criminal Defense Team can give you your best chance for obtaining the best result available given the law and the facts of your particular case.

Don’t let breaking Indiana’s myriad confusing gun laws tarnish your reputation, embarrass your family, or even ruin your life if you are convicted of a firearms felony. You need a lawyer who is intimately familiar with the gun laws in Indiana and who has the experience to develop the best strategy for your specific case. Depending on the charge and your circumstances, you could be facing costly fines or even prison time. Don’t roll the dice. Give the Indiana unlicensed gun defense attorneys of The Criminal Defense Team a call at (317) 687-8326 to set up a free consultation about your Indiana unlicensed gun charge.

Why Should I Hire The Criminal Defense Team for My Indiana Unlicensed Gun Case?

In Indiana, it is a crime to carry a handgun, either openly or concealed, without an Indiana License to Carry a Handgun, or LCH. If you are an out-of-state resident visiting Indiana, you must possess a valid license from your state. If you do not have a valid out-of-state license to carry, you can be charged with carrying an unlicensed gun in Indiana. However, when you become an Indiana resident but still only possess your out-of-state license and not one from Indiana, you can be charged with an unlicensed carry.

While Indiana gun laws are not necessarily stringent compared to other states, it can be easy to unintentionally violate an Indiana gun law. For example, Indiana does not require a resident aged 18 years or older to obtain a license to purchase any allowable gun in the state. This includes long guns, like rifles and shotguns, as well as handguns.

However, the only way to carry a handgun in public other than unloaded and stored in a case in your vehicle is to apply for an Indiana LCH. You are not, however, required to get a license for your long guns.

There are exceptions to this, which is why it can get so confusing. You do not need an LCH to bring your handgun to someone’s house as long as you have their permission. This could cause issues if you were, for example, intercepted on your way there or to another lawful destination such as a gun show or a shooting range. Even if you have innocently forgotten to remove your ammunition or properly secure your handgun in a case in your vehicle, you can be charged with illegally carrying an unlicensed handgun.

Even with an LCH, unless you are in law enforcement or meet other narrow exceptions as defined by the Indiana Code, if you are caught with your handgun in or even near certain places, such as school property or on school buses, you can be charged with a felony.

Other prohibited places in Indiana include airports, airplanes, and riverboat casinos. However, other venues in Indiana have the right to restrict or prohibit a licensed person from carrying a handgun on their property. If you do not notice those posted restrictions, it could land you in legal trouble.

You may have a valid reason for needing to carry a handgun, such as for personal protection, or if you were being threatened or stalked. Perhaps you were in the process of applying for a license but haven’t finished all of the requirements or received your approval. If you have a prior felony conviction or are otherwise prohibited from owning a firearm, you may not even be able to get an LCH in Indiana. If you still find it necessary to own and carry one while being responsible for its use, and you get caught, you could be in trouble.

If you lose your rights to carry or even own a handgun in Indiana, you will also need an experienced and competent Indiana defense lawyer to see if there are legal avenues to getting your rights back.

These are all reasons why you need an experienced Indiana “carrying an unlicensed gun” defense lawyer. In addition to fines and possible jail time, you could risk losing any professional licenses you currently hold. A felony firearms conviction could follow you throughout your life, impacting your ability to work or rent a decent place to live. If you are not a U.S. citizen, you could be facing other serious issues with your ability to live in the U.S.

At The Criminal Defense Team, we are proud to claim five out of the six available Board Certified Criminal Law Specialists in the entire state of Indiana. We also have former prosecutors on our legal team who can review your case with an eye to what strategies prosecutors may try to use against you. This is important because sometimes Indiana prosecutors may feel as though they have to aggressively pursue unlicensed gun charges, even when they don’t have a strong case.

You need someone who will defend you against the prosecutors’ forceful attempts to make their case. Don’t continue to lose sleep and endure more stress over your Indiana “carrying an unlicensed gun” charge. Your initial consultation with The Criminal Defense Team is free, so you have nothing to lose by calling us at (317) 687-8326 to get started with your free case review.

What to Do If You Are Charged with Carrying an Unlicensed Gun in Indiana

If you are charged with carrying an unlicensed gun in Indiana, don’t panic.

  • Assert your right to remain silent.
  • Immediately request to call an attorney. The police cannot listen to your call.
  • Most importantly, do not try to offer any explanation about the gun. You may say something that can later jeopardize your case.

Give the experienced criminal attorneys at The Criminal Defense Team a call at (317) 687-8326 as soon as possible for your Indiana “carrying an unlicensed gun” charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that you are stressed and likely scared about the possibility of facing your Indiana “carrying an unlicensed gun” charge and that you have questions. While we cannot answer them in any detail until we review the specifics of your particular case, we can offer you some answers to common questions about this type of case.

How much will it cost to defend my case?

At The Criminal Defense Team, your initial consultation with our experienced Indiana “carrying an unlicensed gun” lawyers is free. At this consultation, we will review the specifics of your case, including the charge against you, how law enforcement discovered the weapon, and your history and background. At that time, we can provide you with more details as to how simple or complex your case may be, the possible outcomes, and our fee policies.

What if the handgun I had belonged to someone else?

While we cannot respond to specific questions about your case, in general, the laws governing handgun carrying in Indiana apply to any handgun.

I don’t have a violent felony or violent misdemeanor conviction in Indiana, but I have a non-violent federal felony conviction. Am I still prohibited from possessing a gun?

We cannot respond to specific questions about your gun charge without reviewing your case, but Indiana state and federal felony laws can conflict with each other when it comes to gun possession.

I was just borrowing a friend’s vehicle and didn’t know he had a loaded gun. How can I still be charged with carrying an unlicensed gun in Indiana when it’s not mine, and I didn’t know about it?

An experienced Indiana “carrying an unlicensed gun” lawyer can look at all of the exceptional circumstances of your case to determine the best course of action. The smart thing to do is set up a free consultation to get your questions answered and begin planning your defense strategy.

Could I really be facing jail time just for carrying an unlicensed gun in Indiana?

While we cannot promise any specific outcome in any unlicensed gun charge in Indiana, the first step to removing worries and creating a plan of action is to speak to a qualified Indiana “carrying an unlicensed gun” lawyer.

You deserve a competent defense that can stand up to the Indiana prosecutors. With The Criminal Defense Team, that’s exactly what you will get.

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Any arrest or criminal charge is extremely stressful, not just for the person charged but for their entire family. The stress and strain can interfere with your personal and professional life and can affect both your physical and mental health. The stress is understandably even greater if you are facing a felony charge and possible conviction, especially if it could involve jail time.

Don’t let fear of the unknown compound the weight and burden you are already feeling. When the experienced Indiana “carrying an unlicensed gun” lawyers get the full facts and background regarding your case, we can remove some of the speculation about what might happen and give you more realistic possible scenarios. Call The Criminal Defense Team now at (317) 687-8326 to set up your free consultation.


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