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In this uncertain time, you can't afford to work with a lawyer who doesn't have what it takes to defend you. At The Criminal Defense Team of Baldwin Perry & Kamish, PC, we pride ourselves on our aggressive, comprehensive, and effective ability to defend your rights. If you've been accused of a crime, so much hangs in the balance of your case. Don't take chances with your future. Contact our team and you'll know what it means to be defended by a criminal defense law firm with five of the only six Board Certified Criminal Law Specialists* in the state of Indiana.

While most lawyers who profess to be criminal defense attorneys rarely, if ever, go to trial and therefore lose important leverage with prosecutors, we have taken hundreds of cases to trial, including over 30 murder trials. We are not afraid to go to trial, and believe that reputation is a necessary component to receiving the best outcome for our clients. In addition, prosecutors know who are trial lawyers, and who are not trial lawyers, and it matters to them as they decide how to resolve the case.

We Are Your Criminal Defense Team

Not only does The Criminal Defense Team boast five Board Certified Criminal Law Specialists, a title that only six attorneys in the state of Indiana have, but we have handled thousands upon thousands of cases since 1994. This reputation proves that we have the skill, the knowledge, and the tenacity to fight for you in and out of court.

Every client who retains our legal services benefits from the following:

  • We have multiple board certified criminal law attorneys on our team.
  • We only handle cases involving criminal defense and criminally related law, giving us an in-depth knowledge of the law and criminal justice system.
  • We are not afraid to fight for you in court all the way to trial if necessary, and will not pressure you to accept a plea agreement.
  • Prosecutors across the state of Indiana know our reputation as trial lawyers, which we believe helps all of our clients in plea negotiations.
  • Our seven lawyers work together as a team and collectively have over 100 years of criminal law experience and over 250 jury trials.
  • Three of our lawyers are former prosecutors, providing us great insight into the thoughts and insights of those trying to convict our clients of crimes.

Proven Defense Strategies

Our Team Approach to practicing criminal defense is unique. We are constantly brainstorming and discussing strategy to develop the best outcome. State agencies in Indiana regularly ask our lawyers to teach young and inexperienced lawyers how to become better criminal defense attorneys and to speak to lawyers about matters related to criminal law.

When you are interviewing lawyers trying to decide which lawyer you will entrust with your case and your life, please ask them this most important question: “How many jury trials have you had in your career and in the last 3 years?” We believe prosecutors take advantage of any lawyer that is not regularly fighting cases all the way to trial. If the prosecutor has to worry about going to trial, he will most often improve the plea offer or may even dismiss the case, depending on the strength of the case. We are experienced trial lawyers and prosecutors know it.

Most lawyers dabble in criminal defense, as well as other areas of law. We are dedicated to criminal law only. Also, many lawyers try to appear as if they are part of a larger firm, when in fact they will be the only lawyer working on your case. Our lawyers are tight-knit and work with each other constantly, picking each other’s brains and having impromptu meetings to discuss strategy. This provides the best opportunity to come up with the most effective strategy for our clients, whose quality of life may depend on getting the best outcome practically possible.

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You're probably going through a very difficult time right now, but when you choose us, trust that we can make it easier for you. We believe we have more trial experience than most law firms in the State of Indiana, and even in the nation. Our attorneys will fiercely fight for your rights. Contact us today and our team will schedule a free, confidential case evaluation. Our approach is ­­­aggressive and determined. Our team of lawyers try to scour each and every bit of evidence, and break apart every inch of the case. We are not afraid to fight for your rights and take your case to trial if the evidence is weak, or the prosecutor is being unreasonable.

No lawyer or law firm can predict the future, and we can’t – and won’t – make any promises of how your case will ultimately turn out. However, we have a tried and true philosophy and utilize tried and true methods, many of which are unique and have developed within our own office. The successes for our clients are not the result of luck. Those successes are the result of years and years of hard work, dedication, passion, and the desire to continually learn the craft of defending those accused of committing crimes. With us on your side, you can rest assured you're going to have a team of talented lawyers fighting for you

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*Andrew Baldwin, Mark Kamish, Kathie Perry, Max Wiley, and Carrie Miles are recognized as Board Certified Criminal Trial Advocate by the National Board of Trial Advocacy

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