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Accusations of White Collar Crime and of Stealing From Employers May Leave the Accused Feeling Helpless

Our Franklin based lawyers have successfully represented clients all over the state of Indiana when they have been accused of defrauding government agencies, investors or stealing from their own employer ranging from a few hundred dollars to half a million dollars.

When one of our founding partners, Mark Kamish, helped form the Criminal Defense Team over a decade ago, the very first case he took to trial as a member of the newly-formed law firm was in defense of a very nice lady accused of stealing tens of thousands of dollars from her employer. After a very intense 3 day jury trial, she was found not guilty of all charges. Mark Kamish formed a great first impression with his intense trial preparation and presentation to the jury. Mark wasn’t alone, he also received help from staff and one of our other founding partners, Ted Adams. Much of that trial came down to book keeping issues and side-deals between the employer and its employees that were not known by the prosecutor. These are not uncommon issues that result in someone being falsely accused of these types of crimes.

The Criminal Defense Team has represented clients accused of defrauding a variety of entities and people, including local, state and federal government, investors and employers. Our clients have been accused of stealing money ranging from a few hundred dollars all the way to half a million dollars. One of our most recent cases involved two different men accused of defrauding the state and federal government in two different cases. In one of those cases, after hiring the Criminal Defense Team, charges were never filed. In the other, the prosecutor started out requesting over $50,000 in restitution and a felony conviction. Ultimately, when our lawyers threatened to take the case to trial, the prosecutor ultimately plead the case down to a misdemeanor and restitution of only a few hundred dollars. At the same time those cases were pending, another very nice client we represented after she was accused of stealing half a million dollars from her employer received a plea in which she did not spend more than two hours in jail and won’t so long as she does not violate terms of her probation. These real stories demonstrate that our lawyers are experienced in White Collar crime defense and also in defending those who are accused of stealing from their employer. Whether you are accused of stealing or defrauding a few hundred dollars or a few hundred thousand dollars or more, let The Criminal Defense Team and its experienced, board-certified lawyers give you the confidence that you need when facing such serious allegations.

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