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In July 2014, Indiana lawmakers overturned the infamous "one year rule" pertaining to criminal sentence modifications. Under the rule, only prosecutors could approve sentence modifications once year after the initial sentencing. The one year rule meant that sentence modifications were seldom granted and many inmates deserving of reconsideration were unduly silenced.

Now that the one year rule is gone, sentence modifications are possible for those convicted who deserve lesser sentences than those initially handed down. Our dedicated Noblesville criminal defense lawyers at The Criminal Defense Team of Baldwin Perry & Kamish, PC can help you and your loved ones navigate this process and ensure that your request stands every chance of an approval.

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Grounds for a Sentence Modification

Even with the one year rule overturned, sentence modifications are not granted lightly. An inmate needs real, legitimate reasoning for authorities to reconsider their original sentencing.

Common grounds for criminal sentence modification include:

  • New facts that have come to light and are relevant to the original case
  • Completion of rehabilitative programs while incarcerated
  • Significant hardships of loved ones in the absence of the incarcerated

Unfortunately, even with these reasons, it can be difficult to secure a modification. Inmates are only allowed to apply for modifications twice during their entire sentence and, if the inmate is incarcerated as part of a plea deal, they are barred altogether from applying.

Advocating on Your Behalf

Because this process is so difficult and sensitive, it is important to have knowledgeable and tenacious counsel by your side. Our board certified Noblesville criminal defense attorneys can work together with you and your family and loved ones and craft a modification application to truly speaks to your needs and eligibility for post-conviction relief.

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