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It is an unfortunate reality of our criminal justice system that an arrest or criminal record can follow an individual. In many cases, that individual doesn't even need to have been convicted of the crime they were accused of for their record to haunt them. That means that every time that they need to apply for a job, or rent a property, or need to submit to any kind of background check, that arrest or conviction will be associated with their name.

Fortunately, Indiana enacted new, progressive legislature in 2014 that makes expungements of your arrest or criminal record more obtainable. At The Criminal Defense Team, we have seen first-hand how people's lives have been needlessly inhibited by a criminal arrest—even when they were never guilty of a crime. Our dedicated, knowledgeable Noblesville expungement attorneys are prepared to help these individuals finally clear their name and once and for all put their past legal trouble behind them.

Having your record expunged can mean the following:

  • You do not have to disclose certain convictions to potential employers
  • The expunged conviction will not be available on background checks
  • You can be eligible for certain loans or professional licenses
  • Your record will not be considered when you rent a property
  • You will no longer have the stigma of the convictions on your shoulders

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Eligibility for Expungement

In 2014, Indiana lawmakers enacted I.C.§ 35-38-9. Under it, even those who have been convicted of crimes can pursue an expungement. These expungements can be petitioned for one year after the date of the rest. With written consent of the prosecutor, petitions can be filed even before that one year period.

However, there are some convictions that are still ineligible for expungement:

  • Official misconduct
  • Homicides
  • Human/sexual trafficking
  • Sexual offenses
  • Other sex and violent offenses described in I.C. § 11-8-8-5

Also note that expunged records under this law are not destroyed. Rather, they are sealed and placed under restricted use. Still, this law allows for countless arrests and convictions legally deniable and finally lets those with black marks on their record move forward with their life unhindered.

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