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The national drinking age is 21 and any young person found to be possession of alcohol or to have consumed alcohol may be exposed to criminal penalties. This is especially true for young drivers. Because those under 21 are supposed to abstain from alcohol, the state of Indiana imposes a "zero tolerance" policy on these young drivers.

The seriousness of your son or daughter's underage DUI charge depends on several factors, but no matter the circumstances, you can count on proven and aggressive defense counsel from The Criminal Defense Team of Baldwin Perry & Kamish, PC. Our team includes five Board Certified Criminal Law Specialists. We know how to challenge the allegations of the state when it comes to this science-based branch of the law and how to ensure that your child receives every consideration he or she deserves.

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Underage DUI in Indiana

In Indiana, the blood alcohol content (BAC) threshold for underage DUI is much, much lower than the standard DUI limit, .08%. If you are behind the wheel and under 21, you can be arrested for having a BAC reading of anything over .02%. That means that any BAC reading for these young drivers from .03% to .07% will be considered an underage DUI defense.

Penalties for underage DUI in Indiana can include:

  • Fines up to $500
  • Up to one-year license suspension
  • Attendance to an alcohol education program

Other factors can also affect an underage drunk driving charge. For instance, if the BAC reading is .08% or higher, the driver can be charged with a standard DUI, even if they are under 21. If the driver is 16 or younger, that can also affect the case, as it will now be handled by juvenile court. No matter what the details of your case, however, our Noblesville DUI attorneys have the knowledge, diligence, and resources to make sure the best possible outcome is placed within reach.

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