Specialized Driving Privileges

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In January 2015, Indiana radically changed the way it allowed for limited driving privileges to individuals whose licenses have been suspended. Previously, these drivers would have to wait long periods to become eligible for a hardship or probationary licenses for their essential traveling needs. Now, with the passing of IC 9-30-16, these programs have been combined into what is now known as "specialized driving privileges."

While these new laws will make it easier for some suspended drivers to maintain limited privileges, it is still recommended that you seek proven representation for this petitioning process. At The Criminal Defense Team of Baldwin Perry & Kamish, PC, our dedicated team of Noblesville DUI lawyers know how frustrating and inhibiting a license suspension can be and are well-versed in making these specialized driving privileges petitions as thorough and compelling as possible. Whether our team is already helping you fight a DUI-related charge or if you are facing another kind of license suspension, our firm is ready to help.

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Eligibility for Specialized Driving Privileges

While it is true that the new law has made it easier for some drivers to restore limited driving privileges, not everyone is eligible to receive them. IC 9-30-16 has made it clear that, in some cases, specialized driving privileges cannot be granted.

You are not eligible for specialized driving privileges if:

  • You have never had an Indiana driver's license
  • You are a licensed commercial driver
  • You have refused to submit to a chemical test (implied consent)
  • You have been convicted of a motor vehicle offense that resulted in a death
  • You have had specialized driving privileges in the past and have more than one conviction under IC 9-30-16-5.

Those limitations aside, those suspended drivers awaiting their DUI trial and even habitual traffic violators (HTV) can still petition for limited privileges. This means for individuals who need to drive to work, school, or other essential errands now have a chance to use their vehicle for these needs.

However, these privileges are granted only at the court's discretion and careful navigation is needed to give your petition the best chance of an approval. If you would like to petition for specialized driving privileges, contact our experienced team today.

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