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If you are a citizen of the United States, then you are guaranteed certain rights under our Constitution. Despite these protections, countless citizen rights are violated by every year by police officers, correction officers, federal officials, and other parties who act irresponsibly and harm others. If you are one of these citizens whose civil rights have been trampled, then restitution can be possible.

At The Criminal Defense Team of Baldwin Perry & Kamish, PC, our aggressive, dedicated, and knowledgeable Noblesville civil rights attorneys are ready to hear your story. We understand that these cases just don't involve physical and psychological harm inflicted on victims, but also a tremendous breach of trust perpetrated by those supposedly responsible for protecting us from others. We are ready to assess the circumstances of your violation and make a clear, exacting, and emphatic case for justice on your behalf.

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Common Types of Civil Rights Cases

Civil rights violations can happen in a variety of different ways. They can occur anytime the rights of an individual are marginalized due the reckless actions of others or even larger, systemic institutional dysfunction.

The most common types of civil rights violation cases include:

  • Police brutality
  • Inmate brutality or death
  • Failure to provide an inmate medical attention
  • Constitutional violations (due process, invasion of privacy, etc.)
  • Injury via a criminal act (hit and run, violent crimes, DUI accidents, etc.)

If you have been harmed or subject to undue treatment due to any of these circumstances, then the time to take legal action is now. Put your case in the hands of our compassionate and diligent professionals and allow us to tirelessly pursue the recognition and compensation you deserve.

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