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If you have been arrested or charged with a criminal offense in the state of Indiana, you could be feeling uncertain about what the future holds for you. Our clients often come to us in a state of shock – they never imagine facing criminal charges and they certainly never expect to be going up against the full weight of the government’s justice system. Although the hand of the law may feel like it is bearing down on you with full force, we want to ensure you that you have rights and options at this time.

Our Noblesville criminal defense lawyers Baldwin, Perry, and Kamish make up The Criminal Defense Team of Baldwin Perry & Kamish, PC. Our firm is dedicated to one mission: finding justice for the accused. This could mean fighting to get charges dismissed or winning at trial for our clients. It can also mean presenting a case to the prosecutor in such a compelling manner that the case receives a terrific plea agreement.

Our team is comprised of passionate and talented lawyers, five of whom have received the honored title of Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist.* Only six lawyers in the entire state of Indiana can claim this prestigious title. Between our lawyers, we have over 100 years of combined criminal defense experience that will be at your disposal when you choose to work with us. Our drive and keen approach to analyzing the details of our clients’ cases have helped thousands and thousands of men, women and children throughout Indiana.

If you have been accused of or arrested for a crime, it can feel like your world is falling apart. Our Noblesville criminal defense attorneys are here to fight for you so that doesn't happen.

*Andrew Baldwin, Mark Kamish, Kathie Perry, Max Wiley, and Carrie Miles are recognized as Board Certified Criminal Trial Advocate by the National Board of Trial Advocacy

We Handle the Following Types of Cases:

(We handle any matter related to criminal law. Below is an incomplete list of the most common types of crimes we defend. If the crime you are accused of is not listed here, that does not mean that we cannot represent you. We can. It would be very difficult to list all crimes for which a person can be charged)

In addition, we also provide a number of other services to clients, including:

Our Unique Take on Criminal Defense

What truly sets our firm apart from our competitors is the fact that we are not afraid to go to trial. Our experience is that Prosecutors love to bully those attorneys who never go to trial. Our Noblesville criminal defense lawyers don’t – and won’t – get bullied because we will take any case to trial where the prosecutor is being unreasonable or we believe the facts will not result in a conviction “beyond a reasonable doubt.” Our dedication and willingness to aggressively work the case and offer unique defense strategies, as well as that absolute willingness to go to trial, often makes all the difference. In addition to our readiness to step into court on your behalf, we attempt to comprehensively examine each and every possible angle in a case so that no piece of information or evidence is left unused. Our team concept makes it far less likely that something will slip by us. We are constantly reviewing files with one another, perhaps in an impromptu meeting with one lawyer or perhaps in a meeting with all of our lawyers and staff. Though you may be facing time in prison or other detrimental punishments, we'd like you to keep in mind that hope is not lost when you have a dedicated and passionate team of lawyers and staff working closely with one another having the common goal of achieving your best outcome.

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