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November 25, 2020

Criminal Record Expungement
Criminal Record Expungement

What is Expungement?

A Positive Step in Uncertain Times. Taking an Eraser to Your Criminal Record.

You may have heard of the term “Expungement,” but knowing what the definition of Expungement is, who can pursue it, why someone should pursue it, and the nuances of the process can be a bit challenging. So we’ll be examining various aspects of the Expungement process in a series of upcoming posts.

There’s a lot of uncertainty right now. A lot of people are rightfully concerned about their health, the health of their loved ones, their employment and their financial situation. It’s not easy being productive while avoiding going stir-crazy at the same time. While everyone’s health and well-being are obviously the most important concerns here, we at Baldwin Perry & Kamish have an idea that could improve a person’s ability to get back into the workforce, should they need it: Expungement.

Today’s topic: What is Expungement in Indiana?

Basically, Expungement is the sealing of one’s criminal record from public access. Any arrests or charges that do not result in a criminal conviction—as well as many types of convictions—can be Expunged. (Which kinds of convictions are eligible to be Expunged will be addressed in another post.)

What does Expungement actually mean? When a non–law enforcement agency does a background check on a person whose record has been Expunged, they won’t see any record of the Expunged criminal arrests, charges, or convictions. So, when a potential employer runs an applicant’s name through background check databases or software, they should not see any of the Expunged criminal history.

Employment background checks are just one reason why someone should Expunge his or her criminal record if eligible. We’ll cover other reasons that someone should pursue Expungement in our next post.

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