Criminal Defense

November 25, 2020

Criminal Record Expungement
Criminal Record Expungement

Why Should I Expunge My Criminal Record?

Don’t let a criminal record follow you around. Don’t let a criminal record hold you back.

In our last post, we talked about what Expungement is. Today we’re going to focus on why someone should Expunge his or her Indiana criminal records if possible.

Criminal convictions can restrict your freedoms and keep you from certain opportunities. For example, convicted felons cannot legally receive a handgun license in Indiana. And if they can’t get a handgun license in Indiana, federal law bars them from possessing any firearm—period. Expunging the felony conviction would remove that problem.

Other areas that may be affected by convictions include:

  • Food stamps and Temporary Aid for Needy Families (TANF)—people convicted of a drug-related felony in Indiana can’t get these benefits.
  • Public housing—people convicted of drug-related criminal activity may be evicted from low-income housing.
  • Custody of children—Child Protective Services may use a conviction as a basis to terminate custody and other parental rights.
  • Foster care—Applicants to be foster parents are disqualified if they have any felony conviction or “any misdemeanor related to the health and safety of a child.”

Someone who gets his or her record Expunged may legally tell a prospective employer that he or she has never been convicted of a crime. Unless that employer is a law enforcement or government agency, they should not be able to see that conviction once it’s Expunged.

There are plenty of rights affected by someone’s criminal record—including something as basic as the ability to say, “I’ve never been arrested in my life”—but Expungement can change all that. Are you eligible? Come back for our next post to find out!

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